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Thursdays At Seven
Thursdays At Seven
Thursdays At Seven
Thursdays At Seven
The Little Concert Series that Grew
Since the year 2000, the name Thursdays @ Seven has become a byword for music listeners in east Auckland . On 21 Thursdays a year, at 7pm through till 8pm, you can roll up at the beautiful contemporary-style All Saints' Anglican Church in Selwyn Road, central Howick, and expect to bliss out for an hour of music presented by excellent performers. The crystal clear acoustic of the church is ideal for intimate chamber music. Best of all, the series is taking music to people where they are, near home – no parking hassles, no high costs, no extra travel time.
How did it happen?
It was the dream of Auckland musicians Katharine and Peter Watts, singer and conductor, to create quality concerts in a format which would suit the local area. The co-Vicars of All Saints, Bruce Keeley and Diane Miller-Keeley, gave enthusiastic backing, and the series was born. The response was overwhelming. There are now 550 on the mailing list and a seven-week series happens three times a year, autumn, winter and spring, with audiences averaging a hundred or more. Artists have included the New Zealand String Quartet, John Chen, Tamas Vesmas, New Zealand Trio, Calico Jam, Jade Quartet, Extempore, John Wells, and a huge variety of skilled chamber performers.

What is the recipe for success?
“Performers really need good venues and promotion,” say the Watts. “The local audience really wants accessible music near home. We just bring the two together. Established performers are often too busy to promote their own concerts. Young performers find it hard to draw an audience for a one-off occasion. We can serve both those groups by giving them a warm audience, and giving our audience a gift of music which creates a refreshing space in their week. The regularity of the concerts is a definite key to their success. Admission is by donation, so that all are welcome, and for All Saints the concerts are an open door to the community.”

Visual and Performance Art Combine at Thursdays @ Seven Concerts
The Monterey Art Gallery
situated right opposite All Saints’ Church in Howick, is a treasure-trove of fine contemporary art. Thursdays @ Seven has established a strong relationship with the Monterey Gallery over several years, and every Thursdays @ Seven concert is enhanced by the presence of a striking artwork carefully chosen from the Monterey’s extensive collection by gallery director Sandy Starr. The blend of visual and performance art adds to the experience of the audience.

To view the Monterey collection, go to:


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