live performance

live performance

Katharine and Peter have always been captivated by songs. They perform songs ranging across centuries and nations, with a galaxy of composers from mediaeval to modern. Devising programmes with a theme or special focus has allowed the artists to create eclectic and sometimes crazy mixes of songs with a special magic. It's this magic of song that Katharine and Peter want people to enjoy. Their special joy is unearthing treasures of little-heard music and bringing them to light.

“Songs are from the heart, and they voice our deepest feelings. That's why they are so universal and so powerful,” say Katharine and Peter. “They spring from a wild and wonderful variety of emotions.”

Katharine and Peter love to take vocal music out of the rarefied air of the concert hall and bring it closer to where people are, suiting music to special celebrations, places or people. A typical programme sees the artists sing, play, read and chat with the audience – and produce some surprises along the way.

What are some of their programmes?
Every year they create new programmes. Here are just some of them:

  • “I hate music, but I like to sing”
  • Encounters
  • All in a Garden Green
  • The 12 Days of Christmas
  • We're just mad about Mozart
  • I love my love with a “S”
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • Ayres and Graces
  • Strictly for the Birds

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What’s coming up?
…Their newest performance project: “Inspired”

Poets are inspired to put thoughts into words…
Composers are inspired to put words to music…
Performers are inspired to share the music with others…
We want to match inspired music with inspired settings around New Zealand.

Peter and Katharine are currently setting out on a journey into the unknown, inspired by songs. They are gathering a fascinating mix of their favourite songs and will take these to places that they feel match the songs for inspiration. This will mean taking to the roads of New Zealand as the duo seek out places where people, history or landscape have created locations with a special sense of inspiration about them. They do not know where the journey will lead, and they would be delighted to hear from friends and audiences who can suggest suitable performance venues, or who would like to book a performance. Meanwhile, they are starting out…


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