• A cascade of poetry and song motivated by a huge variety of emotions - it was a formidable task, exhausting in its differing styles from 16th Century lute songs, through lieder and opera to 20th Century giants such as Gershwin, Bernstein and Samuel Barber. We heard Peter accompanying on harpsichord, piano or organ, each with mastery and sympathy for both composer and singer, Katharine bursting into song with tremendous projection and power. She has fabulous diction and the captivating dedication of a true storyteller in song. Taranaki Daily News, 7 July 2008
  • “Inspired”: the recent concert at Waimate North by Katharine and Peter Watts lived up to its name.
  • A thoughtful, erudite and charming programme thrilled the audience.
  • They moved from one genre to another effortlessly.
  • Katharine has a fine soprano voice with great agility, beautiful diction and sensitive interpretation of lieder, operatic aria and contemporary song alike.
  • The audience was spellbound, not merely by the impeccable choice of music, but by the perfect rapport between these two consummate musicians.
  • Katharine Watts has a clear, light, beautifully controlled soprano, and Peter Watts has brought accompaniment to a fine art.
  • The concept of such a programme was unusual and its presentation delightful.
  • Katharine Watts has a fine, clear soprano voice with impeccable pitch and diction - add to this an equally fine pianist, and we have the highlight of the musical year, altogether an evening to remember with pleasure.
  • The seeming effortlessness of their performance belied the stamina required to present such a full and varied programme.


  • The concert was also a celebration of just how much this dynamic Englishman has provided a figurehead and direction for the group over the past two decades. (Auckland Choral Farewell Concert 2008)
  • Peter Watts' control and conducting of the orchestra and choir was exceptional. He used them as a beautifully-crafted instrument, drawing out remarkable nuances of sound. (Verdi Requiem)
  • Watts ' directorial expertise was apparent from the first chords of the overture. (Messiah)
  • Conductor Peter Watts has the measure of this work musically. (St Matthew Passion)
  • Watts drew a passionate response from all concerned. (Sea Symphony)
  • Watts , conducting from the harpsichord, marshalled one of Auckland Choral's strongest performances to date. (Messiah)

Voice Teaching

  • Katharine Watts' teaching skills are evidenced in lectures, in wise and helpful comments to competitors, and in giving masterclasses. She very quickly identifies the areas of weakness, and has some good and constructive remedies. Her musical background is supplemented with her own performing experience and continuing study of pedagogy. She has the extra dimension of the all-important dramatic colouring of words.


  • We wanted a motivating and meaningful evening and Katharine certainly achieved that.
  • Top presenter at our conference.
  • We practically had to force them out the door after Katharine's presentation.


  • We would like to commend Katharine Watts for the very professional and efficient way in which she coped with the demanding competitions schedule. Through her comments, both spoken and written, she was able to pass on her huge knowledge of the more technical aspects of voice production. These were most helpful and enlightening. The written critiques were detailed and designed to inspire the competitors.


  • An exciting and enlightening musical experience.
  • All the staff sang your praises and the children enjoyed every minute.
  • As teachers we learnt so much about how to present music in our classrooms and gained a more thorough understanding of the music curriculum.
  • We were impressed with the amount of participation.
  • They were all entranced.
  • Children not only enjoyed but also learned about music, effortlessly, unconsciously and in a most interesting way.
  • They kept singing all day.
  • “I liked the Bandwagon because people got to go up and have a go.” (student)