Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops

Katharine and Peter Watts are both skilled and highly experienced public speakers and presenters. They are in demand for speaking to both community and professional groups on topics musical, philosophical and motivational. Peter regularly presents broadcasts for Radio New Zealand Concert. Katharine and Peter offer presentations singly or as a duo. A range of topics they cover is listed below.

Breathing Space
2009 saw the first of Katharine's very successful Breathing Space workshops. Watch out for more or contact Katharine if you are interested.
In this remarkable half-day intensive you will discover how to

  • Move from stress to success
  • Acquire life-changing positive skills
  • Enjoy vital and valuable time out from everyday pressures

Bookings: (09) 534 2445, mob 027 222 7124 or Email via Contact Us

What you can expect from this workshop:
  • Learn from an experienced teacher with a lifelong career in performance
  • Revel in time out from everyday pressures and a rare chance to take a longer view of your life
  • Share the company of a small group (space limited to 8 participants maximum)
  • Discover simple physical strategies which can greatly enhance wellbeing
  • Learn how to breathe well for great health
  • Take a new view of worries and problems
  • Experience guided relaxation
  • Find out how to get a good night’s sleep
  • Become aware of the holistic role of arts in life
  • Acquire a practical take-home toolkit of ways to combat stress
  • Enjoy fun, laughter and a delicious complimentary morning tea!

Peter Watts
  • Pre-concert talks for musical organisations
  • The Music Room lecture series - a dizzying range of topics
  • Getting a Real Job - life as a freelance musician
  • Choral workshops

Katharine Watts
  • Danger! Voices at work! - learn how to make your voice last
  • Your voice – asset or liability? Voice image in personal & business life
  • You’ve got a nerve! Turning your fears into positives
  • In the limelight – how do you cope when centre stage?
  • As easy as breathing – learn the secrets of breathing really well
  • Will you, won’t you join the dance? Unlocking your creativity
  • Speeches in minutes – writing brilliant speeches with ease

Peter and Katharine Watts
  • The minstrel in society – a witty and wise account of the role of musicians through the ages
  • Music on the move – eclectic insights into our lives as touring musicians